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Friday, March 23, 2012

Currently -

Happy Friday! The weather in New England is still unseasonably warm and it has put me in the most amazing mood. I feel like a new woman! The same things that made me want to cry with frustration last week are rolling off my back now! Who can be upset with a warm breeze blowing? And in March no less! Here is a little peek inside my brain today. Don't worry, it's all rainbows in there!

Loving- My spray tan. My cousin's salon has an estetitian that does them - no machine's! I was completely caught off guard with this warm weather and my body was less than ready to come out of hiding. My legs look fabulous and the fact that i say that means something because my legs are my least favorite feature.

Thinking about- A particular house that caught my eye. House hunting is stressful and difficult. Maybe i'm too picky but i feel like this is something that i need to be picky with! I'm dreaming of this house but i haven't seen it in person yet. Clever photography can make any house look good online so i'm not holding out hope - plus it's a little out of our price range.

Anticipating- The Hunger Games tonight! I am so prepared. I re-read the first book and did some online reasearch on all the actors. I'm such a nerd but i am oh so proud. I wish i were able to go to a midnight premiere, but since i was just offered 8 more hours on Friday's, i couldn't really come in to work late.

Listening to- Fun. It is so rare that i find a new band that i love. This CD is amazing with the exception of just one song that i always find myself skipping over. They are amazingly similar to Queen without being an irritating band trying to sound like Queen. (Does that make any sense?) This song has been on repeat.

Eating- Peanut butter. I always love peanut butter, but lately it's been number one in my book. I haven't even bothered with toast, I just eat it by the spoonful. Christopher always jokes that he'll know i'm pregnant when i stop having weird food cravings.

Wishing- I could find some great vintage to put up on my Etsy! Everything i have found thrifting lately has been so adorable, i've kept it for myself. I have a problem!


  1. What song do you usually skip on Some Nights? I skip one or two as well! Haha

    1. "It Gets Better"? It just irritates me! The rest are great, though!

  2. I can only imagine how beautiful and cute the house might be, best of luck!

    1. It is beautiful! It has a a perfectly overgrown flower garden outside and a little gate... i love it!