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Friday, June 29, 2012

Obsession : Hair

I've got to get something off my chest. I don't understand why most women are so attached to their hair. Crying when three inches are trimmed off, hissy fits when the tone doesn't come out "right", needing it long to feel like a "woman". I'm not one to understand this phenomenon. I've never been attached to my hair. It grows out of my head. I cut it off and more grows in its place. I bleach it until it falls out (well, I used to do that - my stylist has, thankfully, taken over the bleaching), perfect a shade of blonde and then have red put over it, spend months growing out my bangs and then get them again, get bored and put purple in it... It's just hair!

And yeah, I've had a couple experiences where I panicked about my drastic hair change. Once right after high school when I got my first pixie/faux hawk and I got a lot of rude comments about it, and more recently when I bleached my whole head and people could not let it go. But now I see that the only reason I freaked was because all the negative (and sometimes even positive) attention was making me self conscious. I love change. Change makes me happy. Every time I feel like my life is boring or out of control, I change my hair. It helps! I am in control of it! And, quite frankly, I rock a lot of hair colors and styles.

“A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.” - from the movie Coco Before Chanel

In honor of this venting and realization, I went through Facebook and made a collage of a bunch of hair styles I've had over the past few years. It's odd to see them all together like this. Unfortunately, I was late to the Facebook/photograph yourself all the time train and don't have any pictures of my high school Manic Panic days, but I think you get the idea.

What's your favorite hair style you've ever had? Have you ever craved a drastic change?

Friday, June 22, 2012


1.) My brother being a stud muffin on one of his motorcycles.
2.) I usually keep the cheesy love stuff to a minimum, but I had to share this little message Christopher left for me.
3.) Babysitting is exhausting.
4.) My hair does interesting things...
5.) Thrifted Betsey Johnson ring!
6.) Some dressing rooms have the best lighting...how do they do it?
7.) Bo is not a huge fan of baths.
8.) New shades!
9.) Coconut chocolate chunk ice cream for lunch.


Is anyone else on Instagram 24/7? (Please don't say it's just me.) Follow me! I always need new people's photos to scan through while I'm wasting time at my desk or on my way to work.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

King Jereth's Mistress

King Jereth's Mistress

King Jereth's Mistress by bitty603 featuring costume jewelry

I created this board on Polyvore in honor of my favorite movie of all time playing on an outdoor screen in town tomorrow night. I am so excited! I've got a group of girls going and we are already planning snacks and deciding how early to plant our lawn chairs to make sure we get a good spot for the movie. Something about watching a cult classic like this with a group of people who love it too is so fun. Also, I've got a soft spot for drive in movies and this is pretty close. I'm even bringing a friend who has never seen the movie before. She's either going to love or hate it. I feel like even if she doesn't get the movie, she'll be entertained by the rest of us making fools out of ourselves and singing the songs with David Bowie.

Anybody a Labyrinth fan? Did you get all my weird little references in the outfit and accessories?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Beginning.

I just got back from a week away in South Carolina with some family. It was a good time to relax and escape from drama at home. It got me brainstorming and thinking....I have so many things in mind for this little blog - things are just starting to come together. I have a new template being created by an amazing designer, I'm trying to decide on weekly/monthly features, and I'm hoping to have some scheduled posts ready so I'm not falling behind. Until I sort myself out, expect sporadic postings. I'm so appreciative for those of you that have been reading, emailing, and commenting so far! I have a feeling we will get along just fine!