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Saturday, May 26, 2012

What I Wore - Carnival Date

Dating is hard. I should elaborate. Having a boyfriend for four years is one thing, but finding the time to actually go out on a date when your schedules clash? Impossible. We live together, but it's a huge surprise if we ever have a day/night off at the same time. Last Friday after work we were both free so Christopher and I gave it a shot and went to the fair. I love this fair. I have the best memories of this fair from when I was young! Alas, it ended up being sort of a bust because 1.) Christopher doesn't do rides. 2.) It was daytime. Nobody wants to ride the ferris wheel or hang around when there are no pretty lights on the rides. 3.) I was tired from working all day. Oh well... We did walk down to the river just behind the parking lot and then to dinner and ice cream afterwards. Christopher played paparazzi to my slightly irritated self. Oh vacation time, you are much wanted! 

Jacket - Old Navy, Thrifted - $4.50
Maxi Skirt - TJMaxx, Clearance - $4.00
Shoes - Thrifted - $5.00
Clutch - Target, Clearance - $4.99


  1. love your skirt!! i can't believe it was only $4!! crazy! this outfit is great and you got it for so cheap, that is awesomeee!

  2. You are the cutest!! And congrats on your WIN! I just hoped over from Simply Bold, and will be emailing you shortly. :)