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Friday, September 7, 2012

Life As Of Lately

I wish I could spend my days napping on the couch like my buddy Ca$h Catt (although, I would prefer it not be covered in cat fur and dirt from dog paws), but life has been nonstop. My great Uncle Donald has busted out of the nursing home he's been living in and is back in his own private apartment. Of course, since he has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair his entire life, it hasn't (and isn't) easy. Being in and out of his new place every day with my mom and aunt and trying to make this new situation work has been tiring - and I haven't even been the one doing the bulk of the work!

I've started to carry my camera around with me again in hopes of capturing some moments in my days. Hopefully it will help me to get on track with regular posting. Here's a few -

I love this thrifted wooden birdcage. It was on it's way to storage until Christopher and I find a place of our own, but my mother stole it to put it in the living room.

I thrifted this adorable 1980's striped strawberry print skirt. It will most likely end up in my Etsy since my closet is bursting...literally. I think it may expolode soon.

My groomer always insists on leaving this weird looking poof on the end of Pitou's tail when he get's a hair cut. I can't stand it.

Office life... I got a new kitten calendar for my desk. As if anyone walking in couldn't already tell that I'm seven years old. And, I fished this glass coke bottle out of the recycling bin. Weirdo status.

The contents of my bag today. I ordered my first Urban Decay lipstick and am so in love with it. I got "Gash". Mostly because it's referenced that Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl wears it. No Shame.

Ca$h usually discovers and then gets into a fight with his own tail a few times a day. This morning the cuteness level went through the roof.

Happy Friday! Cheers to a weekend filled with renovating our bedroom, thrifting, and actually cooking meals in my own kitchen!

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  1. UM I NEED THAT SKIRTTTTTTTTTTT! Ah such a cute find! I'm glad your uncle is doing better! xo