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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Non - Tourist Fall Outfit

Non - Tourist Fall Outfit

Non - Tourist Fall Outfit by bitty603 featuring elastic waist pants

I do everything in my power to not look like an "ugly american" when I travel, even if I'm staying within the United States. I've been brainstorming the essentials for a full day of shopping, eating, and sightseeing for my trip to Montreal this weekend and I think I have my travel uniform picked out.

Travel Must-Haves -

  • Comfortable shoes. I'm thinking a good pair of Dr. Scholls inserts in my boots will do the trick. Also, a pair of sturdy ballet flats.
  • Bags. A little cross-body. Good for ID, cash, and phone. I love these because they're light, hands free, and I can keep them in front of me at all times. Also, my camera bag so I can carry my DSLR. Lucky for me, I got this pretty one for my birthday and love it. 
  • Leggings. I'll be wearing these every day. Under long tops, dresses, and skirts. I'm a total leggings girl. 
  • cute hats/headbands. I'm assuming my hair is not going to looking stellar blowing in the wind all day.
  • Red lipstick and stripes. Because, you know what? Even though I don't want to look like a tourist, this is the closest to "Europe" I've ever been so I might as well go as cliche French girl as I can.
What do you pack when you travel to a new city? I know I'm forgetting something! 

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  1. I'm a leggings gal myself! I think this is a great list but I'll admit I never worried about looking like an "ugly American" until now, ah hahahahaa. xo