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Monday, December 17, 2012

As Of Lately

Tea, Sugar cookie decorating, Twinkly lights in the living room window, red lips & green scarf, Narnia in a jar, Bubblers on the tree!, Ca$h Catt begging to be wrapped, glitter crafts, and Frodo's serious face.

I'm trying hard to be in the Christmas spirit, but man is it hard for me right now. 
  • Work is crazy as it always is this time of year. I'm at least a part of sending out four large (I'm talking thousands upon thousands) mailers that all need to be out within a two week time span.
  • My dog, Pitou, is still sick. We don't have a cancer diagnosis yet, but we don't not have one. On top of everything, last weekend he fell into a frozen garden pond in our yard. It was the single most horrible experience of my life so far. My entire family was in panic and shock trying to carefully warm him up and I think for a few minutes we all thought we were losing him. It brings me to tears just typing that out. He's recovered from that incident, but is still worrying us with his "cold". Or at least, we hope that's all it is. 
  • My mom and I were in a small car accident this past weekend while out Christmas shopping. We were rear ended at a light. We both blacked out for a few seconds and got instant headaches and incredibly sore necks. Thankfully, we are both feeling the same pains in the same exact areas and are slowly feeling better, so it is most likely only a mild case of whiplash. 
  • I've talked to both sets of my Grandparents this week and am so incredibly sad to be spending Christmas without them. It breaks my heart and really ruins the holiday for me. Knowing the traditions we always had won't happen is really a bummer...
  • The school shooting has been on my mind so often these last few days. I can't get it out of my head. I'm having a difficult time getting into a holiday mood while knowing that these families are hurting so much. 
What a scrooge I've turned into. I am desperately trying to pull it together and get back to my holiday loving self as you can see from my Instagram photos.

I'm wishing you all a stress free Christmas (and the same for myself!).


  1. I feel like a scrooge lately too. This season just doesn't have that christmas spirit. Your lipstick looks great though in that one pic and I hope your dog gets better. I know mine means the world to me too and id lose it if something happened to her. that shooting wont get out of my head either.

  2. Awesome comment!

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  3. Lovely photographs!!


  4. You images are just lovely. New follower here!