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Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrift Finds!

My favorite seasons are upon us! Spring and summer make me feel alive again! The weather is warm, there are animals all around, and the flea markets and yard sales are in full swing. I've been going to the flea market every Sunday and have found some great treasures! I only happened to snap photos of a few things, but I am going to make a habit out of photographing them all to share. Here's a few of my favorite finds from the past couple weeks.

 I finally found a diner style vintage table! My mom and I stopped in at a garage sale in our town and were browsing around chatting with the people hosting. They were selling a lot of their great aunt's things after she had passed away. I was carrying around a couple clear glass Pyrex bowls and some vintage deer figurines when I bent down to check out a box of jewelry and I saw it. There was a red metal table hiding under a pile of junk. I took a chance and asked and yes, it was part of the sale. The woman was so nice and told me to offer something very low - they just wanted their great aunts things to go to someone who would appreciate them. I ended up getting the table, two chairs, and the bowls and deer I already had in my hands for $25.00. WHAT. So happy! The wood paneling you see in the photo is actually just contact paper. I tore that off at home to reveal the white metal underneath.

The huge frame was found at my towns recycling center. I've been searching for a huge frame to display all my Postal Pix and this will do the trick perfectly! It used to hold a mirror, but the mirror cracked so someone put it in the free room. I will probably DIY it into something similar to this.

This lamp. I mean, are words needed? I took my cousin to the flea market for the first time and we found this gem. We both love E.T. so I knew one of us was going home with it. My cousin snagged it for $10.00 (without negotiating - she's a bit of a newbie, but it was worth every penny!). This is one of those things that is so ugly it's awesome.

I've been wanting a big furniture-style record player for years! I found this one at a yard sale and got it for $25.00. It's a 1960's Magnavox and it sounds amazing! It's going to live in my mom's living room until we find a house because it's too cool to go into storage. 

And last, this huge screen was found in the dumpster behind my office. We work above a coffee shop and the employees had thrown their garbage in after whoever dumped this beauty so it was stained with coffee grounds but I'm going to replace the fabric and it will be good as new! It's six panels and I can't wait to separate a room with it!

Have you been thrifting, flea marketing, or yard saling this year? I'd love to hear about your treasures!


  1. Such incredible finds!!! I love the lamp and that record player is incredible!! You got it for such a steal too :]

    1. I couldn't believe the price on the record player! And in working condition? I'm thrilled.

  2. You seriously find the BEST things!

  3. I'm SO jealous of your finds!! I used to find the best stuff, but when we moved to this small town my luck ran out. Plus, since the town is small there aren't many yard sales. Boo!

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