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Friday, February 13, 2015

Currently - February 2015

Thinking about how things change and stay exactly the same all at once. I look at my surroundings and the things I want to work on within myself and it's both comforting and infuriating that not much has changed in the past year. 

I'm thinking about how much snow and freezing weather we've had this winter and how it hasn't really bothered me at all.

Wishing I were mentally strong enough to feel more okay most days. I'm working on not allowing negative thoughts take over, but there are still a lot of days that I'm too tired to fight them and I just let those terrible things drag me down.

Watching Friends. I'm still going strong with the Netflix marathon. 

Listening to Kane Holler. 

Loving positive people. People who practice unapologetic love and acceptance to those that surround them in their daily and even virtual lives. It lifts me up to see people being so open, honest, and good.

Looking forward to 2015. I want to plan some big trips and I know that having some travel dates to write on my calendar will really impact my morale. 

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