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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Day off & Some Thrifted Finds

I always have Fridays off from work. But it seems that i'm always going into the office anyway. If they want to pay me for the hours and i have nothing else to do, i may as well right? Well today i decided to really use my Friday off. Except i got a call only a couple hours into it and found out that i had to call in for a conference call that ended up lasting for over and hour and half smack dab in the middle of my day of rest, cleaning, and body maintenance (meaning the face mask, body lotion, and leg shaving that never ends up happening during the week). Even so, i ended up having a decent day off. 

I cleaned up my closet and gathered a bunch of clothes that need to be mended, altered, or button replacements. These are a couple of dresses that i found thrifting recently. The aqua and floral one is a handmade vintage piece that i absolutely fell in love with! The other is a suede-like cut out dress from French Connection. They are both far too big for me - by at least 4 sizes, but they were each $4.99! 

I found this last sculpture thrifting last night after work with my Mom. I passed by it - tried to take it down from the shelf it was on way up above my head and decided not to since it was really heavy. After walking around i decided to go back for it and get some help taking it down. It's odd, but i think it's just weird enough for my tastes. I ended up paying $6.50 for it. It has a name and date scratched into the side  - it was done in 1980. I'm going to do some research and see what else i can find out. 

I got both of these a while back and they've had a main spot in our room ever since. Most things that i pick up end up wrapped in a box within days. Christopher and i are still house hunting and since i've been buying things left and right for "one day", we quickly ran out of room. This painted canister and the set of cat nesting dolls, however were too cute to pack away just yet!

Here's to days off, even though for me they end up boring and lonely far too quickly.

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