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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The storm that brought me home.

Although i have been wishing for spring, adding endless gardening tips to my springtime boards on Pinterest, and pausing to close my eyes and soak in every bit of sunshine that comes in through my office window while i'm at my desk, i couldn't help but enjoy watching the snow fall in heavy gusts of wind last night. I'm still a child when it comes to weather. I love to watch the rain or snow fall from the sky. Christopher and i have been house/pet sitting for a woman i used to work with a few towns away and i have been missing my own pets and family so much. I'm a true homebody in so many ways. I planned to drive home with my mom after work to visit with the dogs, cats, and bunny and have Christopher pick me up to take me back to the house we are sitting once he got out of work. Since the snow is still coming down and the roads are still a little slick, we decided i should just stay home for the night and guiltily i am loving it. How is it that i am a twenty three year old house hunting adult that can't stand a few days away from the comforts of my home? I miss my mom/best friend! I miss my bed! I miss my routine! What a rebel i am. For tonight, i'm planning on reading, petting my cat, reading my book, and snuggling with a blanket on the couch like the old lady shut i truly am deep down inside.

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