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Friday, March 2, 2012

What I Wore: Friday Edition

Sweater - $4.99, vintage from Goodwill
Belt - unknown, it came with another top i have
Jeggings - $20.00, Target
Over the knee boots - $20.00, Elle for Kohls

Christopher and i are at the tail end of our week house sitting and i was alone this afternoon getting ready to go meet my mom and great uncle for some shopping. My uncle is handicapped and in a nursing home and really enjoys getting out so today we took him to the mall. (Note to self: must bring Uncle Donald to the mall during the Christmas shopping rush. Everyone gets out of the way for a girl pushing her uncle around in his wheelchair!) So, since i took my sweet time getting ready i thought i would take advantage of my nearly empty afternoon to take my very first outfit photos!

I've had a less than stellar week in the confidence department. My hair has refused to style easily, my skin is breaking out, and being away from home has messed with my regular routine a little (I usually share a hair straightener with my brothers girlfriend, for one). Today i decided to distract from my dull skin and attitude with Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter. I had heard so many people talk about these lip colors, so i had to try one. I went for the brightest red in the bunch, Cherry Tart, and i have to say the hype is deserved! The color is sheer but not invisible like so many other glossy lipsticks. 

The weekend is here and i've pushed myself a little to try to make a new friend. We have a "date" tomorrow night. I swear meeting new friends is harder than meeting men. 


  1. I could not agree more with that last line. So difficult!
    Also, you're so beautiful! xo

  2. Making new friends seems so awkward these days. Like I just want to walk up to a cute gal at the coffee shop & give her my number but well that just sounds creepy. LOL