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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Thrifting - Clowns & Betsey Johnson

Before i ventured out this past Sunday, i dusted off my tripod and "real" camera and took a few photos in my room.
I love the color of this scarf. $2.00 at JCPenny last Saturday!

Can you spot the hiding bunny?

This is my favorite corner because it is so Christopher and I. the guitars, the globe, and the insane computer/tv set up are his, and the mishmash of dreamcatchers, jewelry, and artwork are mine. Let's play a game, how many more books can we fit on those shelves? I'll give you a hint - none. 

Bo made a guest appearance and hopped onto the stool with me.

As per usual for Sundays, my mom and i went thrifting around the state. My friend Caitlin tagged along and we had a great day. Thrifting is absolutely my favorite thing to do. I crave it during the week and have to do a few quick stops at my local Goodwill on weeknights to tide me over! This past Sunday was mostly uneventful at first. Someone donated their entire clown collection. The photo below is only a couple of the shelves that held them. Super creepy. I also found shelves full of cat figurines and tea pots. Late winter must be the time to donate collections!

At our last stop Caitlin spotted a really pretty long sleeved black lace dress that she said would be a good one for me. I loved it and when i went to check the size...i almost fainted. Betsey Johnson. For $4.99. Needless to say i shrieked, hugged her, then ran off to find my mom and brag a little. It fits like a glove, is in almost perfect condition (there is a small run in the slip under the lace, not a big deal at all), and i believe it was from a line she did in the early 90's. I found a similar dress from her Luxe line going for $140.00 on Etsy!

Now Christopher needs to take me out on the town so i can wear this pretty thing! 

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  1. I won't lie I AM SO JEALOUS of this find! You wear it beautifully!!! <3

  2. that dress looks awesome on you!! and your bunny is sooo cute :)

  3. Fabulous find! Looks great on you!!