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Thursday, October 18, 2012

High Fashion Spotlight - Alexander McQueen Dresses

Alexander McQueen Dresses

Alexander McQueen Dresses by bitty603 featuring alexander mcqueen dresses

High Fashion Spotlight is my way of day dreaming of the clothes I would wear if I were rich and famous...or even had a place to wear these beautiful designs. In the end, clothing is art and it should be enjoyed by the masses! 

These dresses are breaking my heart. I don't have the bank account to own any of these or a red carpet appearance to need them for.  I'm a wicked sucker for detail and texture in clothing and these are just stunning!  


  1. So stunning. Love all of these looks!
    xo TJ

  2. I would kill for any of these dresses! Such a unique and beautiful line up of dresses. How about we start a fund, purchase the dresses, and all of us could share them? :)

  3. How beautiful! The first, third, and second to last dresses are my favorites :]

  4. so pretty and well designed dresses i like your creativity
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