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Friday, March 1, 2013

Office Job - The Necessities!

Office life. 9-5. Working the grind. I'm always looking for ways to make my work space a little happier. My desk is sort of comical. It's colorful and full of oddities. I have an empty glass coke bottle, tiny dog figurines, a wooden bobble aardvark (I think?), and a ton of photos, cards, and children's drawings. Other than all of those gems... These are my favorite things right now!

1. Pretty, bright flowers. The ones Christopher brought me for Valentines day are still going strong. Fun fact, I work in the same office as my mom and he brings her some every year too. Too cute! (Image Source)

2.) I like to have a few inspirational quotes around. They calm me. My favorite right now says "Note to self: RELAX. You are enough. You have enough. You do enough." I say this in my head like a mantra when I'm reaching my limit. (Image Source)

3.) Pink scissors. If you need to have them, they might as well be pretty. (Available here)

4.) Lunch container. I've been bringing lunch to work every day for over a month now to save money. I love being able to snack on healthy stuff throughout the day so I'm not famished when I get out. This one is awesome! I'm obsessed with it.

5.) Stress oil. I've been using this for the past few weeks and love it. After my hair stylist/cousin noticed that my hair was suddenly falling out from the stress of things going on at home, she ordered me Past Tense tension roll on oil. The smell alone works, but it also releases tightness in my shoulders and neck. I use it most at work, but also keep it in my purse.

6.) A candle that smells like nature. I have the Yankee Candle Beanswax one in Field of Dreams on my desk. Unfortunately, the wax is so low it no longer burns...this is my favorite scent ever and it is now discontinued. The dry wax still smells nice and I get a good whiff of it now and then. (I do have one jar packed away for when we buy a house - SO TEMPTING!)

7.) Skull Candy ear buds. Our office is small and usually filled with volunteers, interns, and loud employees so these are a must. Sometimes, I even just put them in my ears without plugging them into anything since they are great for noise cancelling.

8.) Lotion. I'm really bad at remembering to moisturize at home. When I'm sitting at my desk and need a break, that's usually the first thing I reach for. I have travel sizes of Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret lotions stashed.

9.) Travel tumbler with straw. My office recently got a water cooler and it was a big deal. I pack my cup full of ice in the morning and fill up when I get to work. My cup actually has babushkas all over it, but I wouldn't turn down the Kitty either.  

10.) Volkswagen Bug USB drive. Or as I like to call them, computer sticky thingies. This one's headlights flash when it's plugged in. Enough said. 

11.) Leopard file folders. These are probably my favorite thing at my desk. I have a super obsession with anything leopard and they make me happy every time I file anything. Money well spent.

12.) Insulated lunch bag. To go with my nifty lunch container. Insulated, so I don't have to worry about it fitting into the tiny office refrigerators. And, it's cute. When I leave work it just looks like a little handbag.

Do you work in an office? What are some of the things that keep you smiling while you're putting in your hours?


  1. i really need to dress up my cubicle soon! i want to bring pictures of my friends and other inspirational thangs.

  2. I need to start bringing my lunch everyday to save on money too. I'm embarrassed by what I spend on meals.
    I hate when you love a scent or something and it gets discontinued!

  3. These things are super cute and fun! I love that your hubby brings your mom flowers too! :-)