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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrift Finds - Diner Sets & Vintage Glass

 The flea market has been full of beautiful 1950's dining tables with matching chairs. Swoon. The coral chairs were around $20 a piece and the aqua set with four chairs below sold for $60. I had taken a look at it during my first trip around the market and asked about it. $75 and the chairs had some pretty large torn bits. But, for a collector with the space, $60 was amazing! My cousin ended up buying the two little aqua and glass lamps on the table, below.

I can't resist colorful vintage water glasses. I got these for $1 a piece. The funky red poodle is actually a vase! I put a gerber daisy in him when I got home and the water slowly leaked all over my desk. I guess the years have made him spring a leak. But, for 50 cents he was well worth it.

The whole huge box of blue vintage glasses was only $5. It had way more than I needed so I gave quite a few to my cousin and am keeping some out to sell sometime this summer. I've been collecting this style of glassware for a while but haven't come across any blue so I was really happy with the price!

Until next time!


  1. I have those glasses but mine are green. I am big on collecting vintage things, mostly vintage eyeglasses but I am in love with that table and chairs. For $60 I wouldn't have passed up on it either! Great finds!!

    1. I love that you collect eyeglasses! I've seen some beautiful ones, but never at a price I can stomach! Such a cool thing to collect!